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Submissions to Interstitial Bestiaries Vol. 1, Issue 5 (March-June 2011)

“Alien Sex-Cults of Thee Eternal Now”

Sex-conspiracies of alien intent, body-invasion, exo-enlightenment,

bad video, paranoiac utopias…

This edition’s guest editor, Will Bukimi (LA) contributes works on SpaceSex, Alien-human hybrids, Schizoid Mythinformatics & UFO Sexo-Epistemologies (& with titles like: ” Alien-Human Hybrids: Schizoid-Tech, Body Panic & becoming the other Other (again)”, “Hysterical Genealogies: Italian Woman’s 18th Alien Pregnancy, & Alien Pregnancies in Second Life”, “Hacking Alien Implants using Domestic Tech.” & “God is Dead and I’m His Telephotographic Wife: Daniel Schreber and Alien Feminization Conspiracies”… Who can wait!!) & selections from their image archives.

Plus (!!), excerpts from $$XENO$$: An Anthology of Extraterrestrial Erotica by Trans Sex Workers, Fauxist work on Ketamine Architecture & Ego-Death-Sex, ‘Alien Cetaceans’, & other various xenophilic tidbits simmering amongst the usual range of hott personals & drooling requests …

See the ‘How To Submit to Interstitial Bestiaries’ page for submissions and review guidelines.


Interstitial Bestiaries Vol. 1 Iss. 4: “A Desire Called Dystopia”

Nov-Jan 2010-11

This month’s featured artist, Utopia Etcetera, takes us on a brief tour oftheir large collection of Second Life imagery, project excerpts and working documents. Utopia has solicited their SL friends’ submissions also.

In a double-sized issue with the theme “A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”, We’ve an amazing, exclusive interview with Zoltan, Designer of Robot AI Sex dolls & regarding his robot girlfriend Alice, an account of the Museum of Sex Furniture in Second Life,artist submissions including ‘The Virtual Transgender Suit’, the ‘Menstruation Machine’, A themepark of Near Death Experiences, tranny surprise film, & a comprehension test submitted by the Fauxist International.If that wasn’t enough already, We’ve crammed in late entries: a psycho-sexual reminisence on Mattel’s famous 90’s goo-toy ‘Gak’, & a story about a game-designer’s fossilized porno dog ‘Artaud’, from Regrette Etcetera’s sex-work stories collection “So this one time I turn up for a trick…” ANDWe are also privileged to have received a number of choice items for review this month, donated by the Portland Paranormal Society. 

Interstitial Bestiaries Magazine Vol. 1 Iss. 3 “WAM”

May-July 2010

This month’s featured artist, Gina PDW, is a Sydney-based Pop-Ethnographer known for her “Historic Revisiations”. Herein, Gina takes us on a brief tour of their large collection of TV and Kids gameshow slime/gunge/Wet and Messy (WAM) images from the 1980’s. Gina’s other works include numerous forays into Spirit Photography and anarchist space colonies.

Staying with the WAM theme, this month’s featured article is Dean Hamer’s hilarious “The Genetic Basis of WAM Fetish”. We are also privileged to have received a number of choice items for review this month.